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Asphalt Concrete Construction Paving Michigan And Indiana

Delphi Bridge Watch Time Lapse Video


This successfully completed project in Lafayette, Indiana involved a very difficult and complicated bridge relocation. The bridge was originally built in 1898 and manufactured by the Lafayette Bridge Company. The bridge structure was taken down in Freedom, Indiana in 2002 and then sent to Conner Prairie for storage. Last summer, we moved it to Pierceton, Indiana where Camden Construction rehabilitated and primed it. This spring we moved all of the pieces to Delphi where it was assembled and painted.

A 7-day closure of SR25 was allowed for moving the bridge, which first required constructing a work platform consisting of 4,000 tons of stone. During this 7-day window, in addition to the work platform/road being built, the bridge was lifted & transported into place, the work platform was removed, the bridge was decked and fencing was installed.

This project was completed successfully thanks to an excellent job of planning, preparation and execution. This project was also completed on time and on budget.

Click here to watch a time lapse video of the move (note the flag in the background depicting the harsh wind conditions).

Asphalt Concrete Construction Paving Michigan And Indiana

I-69 Project


The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is awarding a contract to Rieth-Riley to add travel lanes on Interstate 69 between 116th Street and I-465. This second Operation Indy Commute - I-69 contract will rebuild the median shoulder to add a southbound travel lane between 116th Street and I-465. "We're very excited about this new Operation Indy contract." "The project calls for a timely completion and should significantly improve the traffic flow on I-69."

The Operation Indy Commute project is an initiative by INDOT to strategically eliminate recurring commuting bottlenecks on I-69 in Marion and Hamilton Counties. The program is modeled after successful, quick-turnaround traffic flow improvements built in other states under the Federal Highway Administration's Localized Bottleneck Reduction Program.

The contract calls for Rieth-Riley to construct auxiliary lanes to connect interchange ramps between 82nd, 96th and 116th Streets. Moveable barrier wall will be used during construction to restrict traffic lanes during non-peak hours. Between I-465 and the 116th Street/SR 37 interchange, I-69 northbound will have four lanes and southbound will have at least three lanes during peak traffic hours.

Asphalt Concrete Construction Paving Michigan And Indiana

East Michigan Ave Reconstruction - Lansing, MI


The East Michigan Ave project was a 1.15 mile reconstruction of an existing two lane county road from Vista Drive to Ann Arbor Road in Jackson County.

Rieth-Riley's in house earthwork division reconstructed the roadway, installed new curb and gutter and side ditches along with all underground pipe.

We finished the project by installing 8,140 tons of new asphalt, 1.15 mi of hot mix asphalt, cold milling and resurfacing, concrete curb and gutter, ditching, culvert replacement, and pavement markings on East Michigan Avenue from Vista Drive to Ann Arbor Road in Jackson County.

Asphalt Concrete Construction Paving Michigan And Indiana

SR 331 "Capital Ave." - South Bend, IN


This project was a new highway construction that completes the Capital Avenue corridor from US 20 to the Toll Road.

Rieth-Riley completed all earth moving operations along with the underground utility work. Self-performed bridge work on this project included MSE wall construction as well as construction of the new rail road underpass.

Also improved with the project were the reconstruction of the intersections of SR 331 & Lincolnway and the intersection of 12th Street & SR 331.

Asphalt Concrete Construction Paving Michigan And Indiana

State Road 19 R-31175-A - South Bend/Elkhart


This project included the reconstruction and widening of nearly two miles of State Road 19 from old By-Pass Road to Lusher Ave. This $15 million dollar, multi-phase concrete pavement project covered nearly 2 miles and included bridge reconstruction over the St. Joseph River.

Rieth-Riley self-performed all work on the project. When complete at the end of 2013 it will be complete nearly one year ahead of schedule.

Asphalt Concrete Construction Paving Michigan And Indiana

M-106 - Lansing, MI


Rieth-Riley installed 16,000 tons of new asphalt through several communities in Ingham and Livingston Counties.

Overall on the project, 10.35 miles of asphalt milling and single course overlat were completed as well as concrete curb and gutter installation, sidewalk and ADA ramps. The project also included several safety upgrades for the motoring public including milled centerline corrugations and pavement markings.

10.35 mi of hot mix asphalt cold milling and single-course overlay, concrete curb, gutter, sidewalk and ramps, centerline corrugations, and pavement marking on M-106/M-36 at the M-52 junction to west of Kelly Road in the village of Stockbridge, Ingham and Livingston Counties.

Asphalt Concrete Construction Paving Michigan And Indiana

US 31 "31 Corridor" - South Bend, IN


As US 31 is upgraded to interstate quality throughout the state of Indiana, this is the northern part of the US 31 bypass in South Bend. This project includes the tie ins to the existing US 31 corridor.

Work on this project includes complicated bridge work and new interstate quality pavement that makes US 31 limited access. Rieth-Riley self-performed all concrete paving and asphalt pavement sections.

Asphalt Concrete Construction Paving Michigan And Indiana

U.S. 31 Hamilton County Project


The New U.S. 31 Hamilton County project to upgrade 13 miles of existing highway to freeway standards, including nine new interchanges, between I-465 and State Road 38 is part of Major Moves projects to upgrade or bypass congested sections of U.S. 31 near Indianapolis, Kokomo and South Bend. The three U.S. 31 corridor projects in Indiana are intended to reduce congestion, improve safety and provide continuity of commerce and regional travel for a U.S. highway that stretches from Michigan to Alabama.

The first new U.S. 31 Hamilton County project will include new freeway exits at 146th Street, 151st Street and 161st Street. New ramps will connect 146th Street to the north with Greyhound Pass and 151st Street with a “split-diamond” interchange. A new freeway exit at 161st Street will have roundabouts controlling ramp and cross traffic. Local traffic on Union Street and 156th Street will pass under U.S. 31 with no on or off ramps. The estimated value of construction for this project is $60 million.

The second of two projects is a $63 million contract which spans four miles between 169th Street and 203rd Street and includes a new single-point urban interchange at State Road 32, a roundabout interchange at 191st Street, and underpasses at 169th Street and 181st Street. Construction is expected to continue through 2015. Rieth-Riley will be providing turn-key services for the entire project which includes underground utilities, earthwork, structure construction, asphalt paving and all concrete work.