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About the Program

Gain insight, work experience, and college credit through a paid internship at Rieth-Riley! Here at Rieth-Riley we provide students studying engineering, construction management, and business an opportunity to engage in work-based learning.  Learn from industry experts and find a deeper understanding of what it would be like to work in horizontal construction!

Our Experience

Andrea Wick 3rd Year Intern at Rieth-Riley
Andrea Wick
3rd Year Intern at Rieth-Riley

School: Valparaiso University

Major: Integrated Business and Engineering

Area Office: Cal Region, Gary Office

“Since joining the bridge crew, my first couple summers were more focused on being in the field and understanding how various structures were built. Throughout this past year, I have been able to take that knowledge and apply it to estimating.”

Jacob Prowett 3rd Year Intern at Rieth-Riley
Jacob Prowett
3rd Year Intern at Rieth-Riley

School: Western Michigan University

Major: Engineering Management Technologies

Area Office: Kalamazoo, MI

“My responsibilities at Rieth-Riley consist of keeping the schedule up to date, communicating with subcontractors for quotes or scheduling times to be on the job site, scoping out future job sites for details that may be necessary to the paving process, and helping the estimators with creating bids and quotes for potential clients.”

Brian Johnson 2nd Year Intern at Rieth-Riley
Brian Johnson
3rd Year Intern at Rieth-Riley

School: Purdue University Fort Wayne

Major: Mechanical Engineering and Minoring in Mathematics

Area Office: Indianapolis, IN (Plant Operations)

“My two summers have consisted of understanding the day-to-day processes of asphalt production. This summer I spent most of my time at our portable plant for the I-69 project. During my time there, I ensured the proper viscosity of our waste oil for the burner. This consisted of taking samples from incoming tankers and testing them to make sure the supplier was staying within the required specifications. I’m also attempting to use thermal imaging to gather baseline date on parts to create a form of preventive maintenance regarding excess heat signatures.”

Matt Chilcote 2nd Year Intern at Rieth-Riley
Matt Chilcote
3rd Year Intern at Rieth-Riley

School: Purdue University

Major: Construction Management

Area Office: South Bend, IN 

“Taking all of the cross-slope data on the PUSH 3 project for the Indiana Toll Road, as well as finding remaining quantities of HMA for the next shift to plan out trucking and materials. I also kept track of the quantities of HMA and millings for billing and determining yield on new pavement and assisted the Project Manager and Superintendent with anything else they required.”

“The road to success is always under construction.”

-Lily Tomlin

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