Site Development

  • Excavation and Grading
  • Underground Utilities
  • Concrete Curb and Sidewalk

Rieth-Riley Construction is the most respected road builder in the Midwest. Our road building experience includes the integration of site development construction operations. Rieth-Riley is experienced managing and constructing excavation, grading, underground utilities, and site concrete for small and large-scale projects coupled with paving projects.

To learn more about Rieth-Riley’s excavation, grading, and underground services,  request a quote or call us directly at 574-875-8378.

Excavation & Grading

Our goal at Rieth-Riley remains simple—we want to be your number one contractor of choice, someone you can call for all your site prep and excavation needs. The site prep contractors at Rieth-Riley have the experience and responsiveness you need to complete your next project on time and on budget. Rieth-Riley’s experienced site prep experts have the equipment and knowledge to get your project off to a solid start—and finish on schedule. We have handled major earthwork jobs ranging from shopping center developments to interstate highways to intricate final contouring—such as golf course greens and fairways. The experienced equipment operators at Rieth-Riley specialize in a wide range of excavation work, including landscape grading, tree and brush clearing, drainage ditches, tiles, and all new construction excavation.

Underground Utilities

Rieth-Riley experienced a tremendous amount of growth in the 1920’s which included county road improvements and city street reconstruction projects. Along with those projects Rieth-Riley began self-performing the additional scopes of work with the roadway and highway projects which included the installation of new sewer lines. 

Today, Rieth-Riley is capable of self-performing small- and large-scale underground utility projects. Our underground utility services include the installation of water lines, storm sewer, and sanitary sewer that is primarily associated with asphalt paving projects.

Concrete Curb and Sidewalk

Rieth-Riley Construction is dedicated to delivering a quality project and is experienced in providing full-service exterior site concrete. Rieth-Riley couples their site concrete with paving projects and self-performs hand-form and slip-form concrete curbs, concrete sidewalks, concrete ADA ramps, including reinforced concrete and decorative concrete.

Rieth-Riley Construction’s concrete curb and sidewalks currently serve public highway and roadway projects for INDOT, MDOT, cities, towns, and counties in addition to serving private owners in the aviation, commercial, industrial, and residential markets.

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