Tanger Outlet Grand Rapids

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Rieth-Riley Stabilized and replaced the parking lot at Tager Outlets in Grand Rapids with new pavement.

This job required removing existing asphalt to gravel base, stabilizing the existing gravel base using a cement stabilizing process that injects water & power cement into the grade-it then cures to provide a hard surface to pave on.

The new pavement is then placed in two lifts, a leveling and top course.  This process is a cost effective way the extend the life of parking lots with out having to do a full reconstruction with removing and replace the sub grade sand and gravel.  This also speeds up time of construction, as Rieth-Riley did numerous phases and were able to complete each in less than 2 weeks.

Tanger Outlet Parking Lot- Grand Rapids

Contractor: Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc.

Owner: Tanger 

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