The Sandbox Arena: How Rieth-Riley is Investing in Highschool Education

Sandbox arena

Rieth-Riley has taken a passionate step to get involved in the education of high school students. Especially for those who are considering a career in the transportation or civil construction industries. We have partnered with the Civil Construction Pathway program in Indiana to create a way of learning that will pique interest and stick in the minds of the students. Here’s how How Rieth-Riley is investing in high school education with the Sandbox Arena!

What is the Sandbox Arena?

The Sandbox Arena is a Civil Construction Pathway program in Indiana. It was born due to the difficulty of educating students about heavy equipment in a classroom setting. It gives students the opportunity to learn about heavy machinery and related industries through a hands-on learning experience.

This experience helps students who are interested in pursuing a career in the civil construction workforce identify what areas they are passionate about. The Sandbox Area showcases several skills including operating heavy machinery, navigating obstacles, moving dirt, and more!

Rieth-Riley recently took part in guiding Hamilton Heights High School students through the Sandbox area. We donated two trucks to haul dirt and stone, providing the chance for hands-on learning. Other partners include MacAllister Machinery, which donated other equipment. Together, we hauled over 50 loads of dirt, educating students the entire time about the industry, what careers they could pursue, and how to do so safely and efficiently.

How does the Sandbox Area affect high school students?

We believe that by exposing students to the civil workforce, they may consider careers and paths they otherwise wouldn’t have. By giving them an opportunity to see construction up close, they can learn more about the industry than if they were simply in a classroom.

Furthermore, with the Sandbox Arena, students can meet industry experts and build connections as they consider their future careers. This allows them to pursue internships, meet different industry representatives, and open the door for future employment by teaching them the necessary skills of the industry.

How to Get Involved in The Sandbox Arena

The Sandbox Arena is part of the Civil Construction Pathway program, which provides students an opportunity to explore careers in horizontal construction. If you or a child are interested in getting involved in this program, you can contact work in roads, or speak to a representative at Rieth-Riley to find out more about our involvement in the program.

It’s never too early to start considering your future. What better way than a hands-on learning experience? Get involved in the Sandbox Arena program today!

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