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Houghton Lake Asphalt & Concrete Paving & Construction | Michigan

Houghton Lake Asphalt & Concrete Paving Construction

In Houghton Lake, Michigan Rieth-Riley proudly remains dedicated to moving forward. It's the way we think, the way we act — the way we approach every asphalt paving and construction project.

Through innovative new processes, state-of-the-art technologies and advanced techniques, our staff and crew’s forward-thinking approach ensures that your next paving project will be completed on time, within spec and on budget — yielding superior results.

Our Houghton Lake asphalt and construction professionals take pride in each project we accept, striving to deliver quality results through open and timely communication, dependable long-term performance and the high-level of durability our customers demand.

Below is a list of our Houghton Lake, MI products and services:

For more information about the Houghton Lake asphalt professionals at Rieth-Riley, or to inquire about your next Houghton Lake, Michigan asphalt project, contact us here or request a quote here.

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  • Houghton Lake Road & Highway Paving

    Road & Highway Paving

    From parking lots to complex street and highways, we get the job done.

    Houghton Lake Municipal Paving

    Municipal Paving

    Safety is our number one concern for people traveling through our undergoing construction projects.

  • Houghton Lake Airport Paving

    Airport Paving

    We strive for the highest quality when it comes to paving and airport runways, taxiways and aprons.

    Houghton Lake Industrial Paving

    Industrial Paving

    We perform all types of work from simple maintenance and patching to new construction.

  • Houghton Lake Recreational Paving

    Recreational Paving

    We strongly support and understand the value of the economic impact of tourism in Northern Michigan.

    Houghton Lake Recreational Paving
  • Houghton Lake Commercial Paving

    Commercial Paving

    From parking lots with 500 vehicle capacity to small businesses of 10 vehicle capacity, quality is key.

    Houghton Lake Asphalt & Aggregate Supplier

    Asphalt & Aggregate Supplier

    We operate multiple gravel pits, mining operations and crushing crews throughout Northern Michigan.

Employee Ownership — Our Way Of Life

For many companies 'ownership' is a buzzword — 'Think like an owner' and 'take ownership in the work you do' are phrases heard at jobsites around the country. For us, ownership is a way of life. We have been a 100% employee-owned company for over 20 years. Rieth-Riley Construction Company employees truly take 'ownership' of your project with a level of enthusiasm, pride and productivity that you will not find elsewhere. Rieth-Riley Construction Company has a common interest in the success of your project — from the project manager, to the receptionist to the President — we will always deliver quality.

Asphalt Concrete Paving Construction