About Rieth-Riley | Asphalt & Concrete

About Our Goshen Asphalt Concrete Construction Company Indiana

Moving Forward

We are a company dedicated to moving forward. It's the way we think. The way we act. The way we approach every project.

We bring a forward-thinking approach that gets your job completed on-time, on-spec and on-budget. It's an approach that seeks out the innovative new processes, technologies and techniques that can enable superior results.

At the heart of our approach, is a belief that projects only move forward through open and timely communication. In order to meet your expectations, we strive to first understand them and then communicate important project information every step of the way.

Moving forward also means quality performance. Our in-house, certified technicians continually monitor the output of our asphalt and concrete plants to make sure we measure up to your special project requirements. Only top quality materials are used to provide the long-term performance and durability our customers demand.

We also believe in moving communities forward. We donate our time, skill and capital to a number of employee/owner chosen charities and community events each year.

Rieth-Riley is a 100% employee owned company. We truly think like owners and take personal pride and care in every project we do.

Code of Ethics - Honesty, Respect, Equality

Rieth-Riley's standard of conduct entails being honest and open and treating our customers, vendors and employees with respect and equality.

Information obtained in business is strictly confidential. Rieth-Riley prides itself in the fact that our employees are expected to compete hard, but with high ethics and not even the appearance of conflicts of interest. It is of the highest importance that our customers are treated fairly and receive the quality they expect.

Every Rieth-Riley employee signs a Code of Ethics Policy. Any violation in policy is subject to immediate discipline.

Employee Ownership - A Way Of Life

For many companies "ownership" is a buzzword. "Think like an owner" and "take ownership in the work you do" are phrases that are heard at jobsites around the country.

Asphalt and Concrete Paving

For us, ownership is a way of life. We have been a 100% employee-owned company for over 20 years. Rieth-Riley people truly take "ownership" of your project with a level of enthusiasm, pride and productivity you won't find elsewhere.

Rieth-Riley has a common interest in the success of your project — from the Project Manager, to the Receptionist to the President.

High Standards - Enduring Values

As we move forward, we recognize that some things never change. Our history and culture still place weight and credence in someone's word and a handshake. And today, our standard of conduct still entails being honest and open, while treating our customers, vendors and employees with respect and equality.

Safety is a fundamental value at Rieth Riley. Providing a safe work environment for our team members and the public is of paramount importance to our company. Everyone in our company is empowered to make safety the number one priority in all that they do. As a result, our safety record places us among the leaders in the industry.

Leading Innovation - Moving Forward with Technology

Rieth-Riley continually seeks out emerging technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of our projects. We have a team of detailed quality control professionals to ensure our products meet your specifications, while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Implementation of Warm Mix Asphalt Technology has accounted for a reduction in the amount of energy used in the production process. In many locations, we utilize recycled asphalt and concrete in our projects. Some locations even incorporate roofing shingles and ground tire rubber to minimize the environmental impact while meeting specifications. We are continually seeking alternative fuels for our plants and equipment. These innovations are not only good for the environment, but also cost-effective for our customers.