Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

grand rapids children's museum

Grand Rapids Children’s Museum has recently worked to add a mural to an alley. Women’s Way Murals has overseen the project to “acknowledge the complicated history of women in alleyways and help claim positive ownership of these public spaces.”

Local artist Alan Compo has been selected to begin painting the mural of Angeline Kelsey “Naw Kay O Say” Yob. Kelsey was an educator and an active member of her community. Furthermore, she was a citizen of the Grand River Bands of Ottawa Indians. This mural will be in the alley off Sheldon Ave NE between the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum and The Apartment Lounge.

The Alley was paved last year by Rieth-Riley Construction, “paving the way” for this exceptional piece of art. Rieth-Riley then gave money to the museum as part of their charitable giving as well. You can learn more about this project here.


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