Asphalt & Aggregate Materials

Asphalt And Aggregate Materials Michigan And Indiana

Rieth-Riley Construction Company operates aggregate mines and processing plants throughout Indiana and Michigan. Mobile plants are available to be transported to wherever the need may be. Strict quality assurance requirements are applied when operating our plants and mines.

Aggregates of many grades are available at any of our sites. All of our aggregate operations are State Certified so you can be assured you are getting the quality that you require for your project.

Rieth-Riley Construction Company is a full-service provider of sand, gravel and many other aggregates. As a pre-qualified producer of materials for the State of Michigan, we operate multiple gravel pits, mining operations and crushing crews throughout Northern Michigan. We not only produce materials for our own operations, but also for other contractors, municipalities and the private sector. With our own testing personnel and facilities, you can be assured you are getting the highest quality materials available.

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